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About Us

Mission / Objectives
To reach the highest standards of production in manufacturing of Soccer Balls, Net Balls, Volley Balls, Promotion Balls, Beach Soccer Balls, Hand Balls, Punching Balls, Full Leather Football, American Football, Gift Ball, Mini Balls, Midi Balls, Base Balls, Tennis Balls,Shin Pad, Football Air Pump, Soccer Uniform, Track Suits, T-Shirt, Mountain Bike Gloves, Cycle Gloves, Weight lifting Gloves, Goal Keeper Gloves, Motor Gloves, Driving Gloves, Boxing Gloves,Gloves/Mitts, Training Pads, Protective Pads/Guards, Head Guards & Shoes, Protecive Guards, Punching Balls & Bags, Judo Suits, Karate Suits, Taekwondo uniforms, etc.

  • To attain optimum level of efficiency in operations.
  • To grow into a multi-national either through development of own resources or with foreign collaboration.:

Brief History
MANKIND SPORTS is Owned and Managed by: MR, Sajjad Ali Proprietor.
MAN KIND SPORTS has been working since 1974 and has achieved remarkable success in a few years of its independent existence. Proprietor and skilled staff expanding their best abilities and putting in hard work in managing affairs of the company. The Firm owns Eight fully mechanized manufacturing units manned by highly skilled craftsmen and technicians. The industry is entirely export oriented, with the capability of Daily Production 3,000 balls with Good Quality.
Philosophy of Doing Business 
We believe that the best business  is that where profit is on both sides.
Why you should do business with us rather with our competitors?
 There are three factors that determine the performance of a business:

  • Quality of products 
    (Producing Shining Balls with Excellent Quality, Playable Balls in Snow, Water, Mountains and Dry Seasons)
  • Fair Prices
  • Timely Deliveries

We strictly comply  with these requirements.
Quality control is rigorously enforced at every stage of manufacturing, final inspection and even on standard of packing.
Prices are calculated realistically and commensurate with quality standards. We do not compromise on prices at the cost of quality.
We religiously adhere to performance of our commitment of deliveries. All factors which could put us off balance are predetermined to forestall any delays. A time margin even for unforeseen circumstances is accounted for before committing a delivery date.

Target Market
The Firm is looking forward to expand its business to USA, Canada, Europe and all around the world to seek new customers.

Ordering Information/Terms & Conditions
No specific terms and conditions except that we work either on letter of credit or cash against documents

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